Born and raised in Philadelphia, the president and founder of Your Philadelphia Tour, Richard Frey, has held administrative positions at cultural institutions in Philadelphia. New York, and Nashville. An activist in historic preservation for many years in Philadelphia, he is an expert on its architecture and city planning. He has been sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with thousands of tourists on walking and bus tours since 1999.

As our chief guide and tour producer, Richard brings love and learning of the arts and history to Your Philadelphia Tour. He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and of the University of Pennsylvania.

Your Philadelphia Tour has gathered a core group of associated guides, all with a high standard of expertise, as well as a sense of humor and sensitivity to the desires of diverse touring groups.

Some Recent Your Philadelphia Tour Clients:
Association of American Geographers, Temple University, Main Line School Night, Cheltenham Adult School, Delaware Valley Area Council of Unitarian Universalist Congregations

YPT serves academic, industry, family, religious, adult education and trade associations, meetings, conferences and conventions.

We believe you would enjoy sharing with us our city’s special quirks and its unique charms, on and off the beaten path. Our commitment to you, our clients, is to tell you straight and clearly, the real story of Philadelphia.

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